Setting up a private server

I’d like to receive mails at my TLD, which is a premium feature for basically all mail providers I’ve seen. Having access to a (virtual) private server opens up the option to run a private mail server though. This seems like a daunting task because of the many moving parts and security concerns. Luckily there are (external) NixOS modules for that - providing an abstraction layer on top of many packages and their configurations with sensible defaults:

NixOS configuration

Since version 16.09 I’ve been running NixOS on my desktop and laptop which actually share the same SSD. This can be a real pain for most OS’s, but for NixOS the SSD is just a switch in the configuration and a rebuild away from being ready to be placed in the other device. That wasn’t the reason to switch from Debian and Windows in the first place though. Immutability is key; I put my config in and get a rock solid system out.

(Re-)Installing NixOS

I’ve been using NixOS for quite a while, but didn’t really commit to it at first. This resulted in Windows taking up most of my disk space and I tried to be clever with partitioning too .. which bit me a lot. And that’s the main reason for reinstalling NixOS this weekend: I need disk space! My root partition has a size of 10G, because that ought to be enough, when I’m saving large stuff like games elsewhere, right?