NixOS configuration

Since version 16.09 I’ve been running NixOS on my desktop and laptop which actually share the same SSD. This can be a real pain for most OS’s, but for NixOS the SSD is just a switch in the configuration and a rebuild away from being ready to be placed in the other device. That wasn’t the reason to switch from Debian and Windows in the first place though. Immutability is key; I put my config in and get a rock solid system out.


Once you go tiling, you never go back … Sometimes I find something interesting on /r/unixporn, but in general try to keep it simple and dark with i3, spacemacs and similar tools. The switch to Wayland will happen some time after way-cooler goes stable I presume. There are various ways to manage dot files. Personally I followed the advice of this blog post to just use a slightly unusual git repo and a shell alias to make it seem usual.

this blog

As it says in the footer this blog is generated by Hugo and uses the Academic Theme. For this kind of site a static site generator just seems to be the only sane option. Hugo usually takes Markdown as input which is in this case generated by ox-hugo from a single org file. I just want to commit to Emacs to be honest, no hard feelings against Markdown.